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Top 10 GitHub Repos To Bookmark Right Now

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·May 6, 2021·

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That you probably have not come across before

10 GitHub Repos Every Developer Should Know | Image by Author10 GitHub Repos Every Developer Should Know | Image by Author

GitHub is not just a version control service; it is a terrific content resource for all-things-development. From free e-books and tutorials, to interview preparation material and ‘awesome’ listicles, GitHub is the go-to learning hub for Developers eager to up-skill themselves and stay relevant. Besides:

Great Developers Never Stop Learning

Here I have curated a list of the most valuable repos, that every developer should study, irrespective of where they are into their career journey.

I bet you have probably not come across most of these gems below!

1 — Beautiful Docs

[beautiful-docs]( - ⭐️ 4.8K

It is a well-known fact that Documentation is an important asset to any software project. Writing self-documented code is one thing, but presenting it in a meaningful way is another. The author has collected those online resources that are ‘beautiful’ in terms of structure, design, usability, styling, diagrams, etc — so anyone that looks for inspiration on how to design their own documentation will find it resourceful.

2 — The Art of Command Line

[the-art-of-command-line]( - ⭐️ 86.3K

A lot of developers cringe even at the thought of opening a terminal window, but having a good understanding of the command line is absolutely essential to becoming a skilled and productive developer who can use the ‘computer magic’ tools at their disposal.

3 — The Book of Secret Knowledge

[the-book-of-secret-knowledge]( - ⭐️ 38K

In a similar fashion, this repo contains a collection of resources to help Developers and DevOps Engineers to do their everyday work. It is a goldmine of links on pretty much every topic you would need to know about running a machine: one-liners, web tools and more.

4— On Talks …

[programming-talks]( - ⭐️ 5.6K
[awesome-talks](     - ⭐️ 3.2K

I am combining these repos as they serve the same purpose: they both provide a curated list of talks, categorised by programming language or ‘theory’ for deep dive on a wide range of IT subjects (computer science, architecture, design, object orientation, databases etc).

5 — Best Websites a Programmer Should Visit

[Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit]( - ⭐️ 4.6K

I really love this list, it has a plethora of resources about… everything! From sites to visit when you are stuck troubleshooting, to the best YouTube channels out there, to news aggregators and also job hunting.

6 — Design Resources for Developers

[design-resources-for-developers]( - ⭐️ 27.5K

This is a great repository for designers and UI or full-stack developers looking to improve their UX know-how. It comprises style guides on colours, fonts, stock images, vectors and also web UI libraries and design tools amongst other things.

7 — The Algorithms

[TheAlgorithms/Python]( - ⭐️ 106K
[TheAlgorithms/Java](   - ⭐️ 37K

The contributors have devoted these repos to Data Structures and Algorithms and their implementation. There are many sub-repos per programming language, but the Python and Java ones are evidently the most popular. Aside from the algos, you will find a lot of machine learning, neural network, linear algebra and other topics.

8 — Awesome Cheatsheets

[awesome-cheatsheets]( - ⭐️ 18.5K

This is the cheatsheet of cheatsheets. This type of content, when well-crafted, makes your job easier as it becomes the aides-memoire for any dev daily tasks. As such it is a collection of cheatsheets for all popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. Whatever your IT discipline is, there is something for you to get your teeth into here.

9 — Developer Roadmap

[developer-roadmap]( - ⭐️ 158K

The Developer Roadmap certainly appears in other GitHub lists, but cannot be omitted from this article, due to the clever infographic it uses to deliver advice on what knowledge one needs to acquire to follow one of the three hands-on IT paths: Front End, Back End and DevOps.

10 — On Interviewing …

[coding-interview-university]( - ⭐️ 167K
[system-design-primer](        - ⭐️ 130K
[tech-interview-handbook](     - ⭐️ 53K
[system-design-interview](     - ⭐️ 14K

Again these repos are very popular amongst other GitHub lists, but I have to include them in mine too, as I fully respect the time effort and selfless devotion of their contributors to share knowledge in a digestible way. They contain endless material to crush any technical interview by incorporating plans to guide us through the preparation process, case studies, questions and answers, design patterns, and even have tips on how to build our CVs.

I have listed here those GitHub Repos that I tap into to stay current and work on my mission towards technical excellence! I hope it helps you too…

Thanks for reading!

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