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The Curated List of 25 Amazing Fonts for 2021

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·Mar 29, 2021·

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The search for a perfect font ends here. Serifs, sans-serifs and more!

At the beginning of each spring, I reorganize my toolset and resources. I declutter from all the fonts, icons, and plugins I don’t use or need. It’s really refreshing and I encourage you to do the same!

I’ve had my favorites for years, but at the same time, it’s nice to try something new. Especially when it comes to fonts! As much as I love some typefaces, I like to play with something new from time to time.

Searching for a perfect font might be exhausting, and there are so many options to choose from, right? Since I did extensive research recently, I’ve decided to wrap it up as a curated list — I’m pretty sure this list will speed up your own search a little.

Let’s clarify two things:

Do you need dozens of fonts as a designer? 🤔

No! 90% of the time I use only 4-5 typefaces. I switch them rarely — depends on a project or client’s personal branding/preference.

Below are only the fonts that I personally used, worked with and was happy with. So no random recommendations here!

Sans-serif typefaces

1. Sofia Pro

A perfect family of fonts for everyday use, with very subtle but charming ligatures. One of my personal favorites.

2. Gilroy

If everyone suddenly wants to know which font are you using, you’re probably using Gilroy. It just looks stunning. What an amazing typeface of 20 beautifully crafted styles!

3. Proxima Nova

A perfect classic if you want to invest in a paid family of fonts (144 styles is probably more than you will ever need in your designer life). I designed some pretty visually complicated portals using this beauty — I totally recommend it.

4. Cera Pro

Another great typeface if you’re searching for something readable and minimal. Look at that beautiful capital “Q”!

5. Lufga

Oh, I love this one so much. Quite similar to Gilroy typeface, but that “g” is just mesmerizing! Very readable, yet sexy typeface that is not an obvious choice.

6. Poppins

It’s just hard to find a sans-serif free font that looks good. In my opinion, Poppins is one of the best choices out there — it reminds me of a Gilroy a bit.

7. Syne

If your into brutalism, this is a must have — just try it out!

8. Basic Sans

Some projects can handle a less serious typeface. Basic Sans is a perfect choice when you’re searching for a more playful style — still very readable!

9. Epilogue

A free typeface with a very unusual, eye-catching “g” letter. It works great in headings.

10. Objektiv

Very minimal, modernist typeface. Beautiful in it’s raw, simplistic form. Totally check it out if you’re into “Futura” type of fonts!

11. Soleil

Simple, readable typeface — perfect for everyday use.

12. Sora

A free font that has a subtle “technical” vibe to it. Perfect for both headings and paragraphs.

13. Effra

A great alternative for other more popular sans-serif fonts. Simple and readable in it’s form.

14. New Atten

A typeface that has an “elegant” vibe and a very beautiful capital “Q”. Sleek and tidy.

15. Apertura

A simple, readable typeface with more “rounded”, playful style.

Serif typefaces

16. Source Serif Pro

A free, readable, friendly serif typeface. Perfect choice for everyday use, for both headings and paragraphs.

17. Recoleta

This typeface is just stunning! Very readable and friendly. Perfect choice if you want to add some playful vintage vibe to your project.

18. Ivy Journal

Very sleek, elegant typeface, perfect for both headings and paragraphs. One of my personal favorites.

19. Fraunces

I just love everything about this typeface. And it’s hard to believe, but this one is actually free. Why isn’t Fraunces more popular? It’s just so gorgeous and beautifully crafted!

20. Demos Next

Such an elegant, gorgeous typeface — I love working with Demos. Looks great, especially as an unusual choice for extravagant headings.

21. Gelasio

A free serif font, classic and readable. A safe choice and an interesting alternative to the famous “Georgia”.

22. Crimson Pro

A free serif font, with smaller letter height than Source Sans Pro and Demos Next. Crimson Pro looks very nice in both headings and paragraphs.

For decorative purposes

23. Bely

I really like Bely, especially the heavier styles. I’ve seen it in a few different projects already — looks really great as a “big typography” kind of header on a landing page. Also, great for outdoors and branding.

24. Zooja Pro

Sometimes you just need a beautiful handwritten font. Zooja is my personal favourite. You can easily spice up the design with a handwritten header — extravagant, but often worth it!

25. Lust Pro

In search for a bold, stylish font that is not Playfair Display? Search done. Just go for the Lust typeface — the weights vary from very thin to very heavy.

I hope you liked my list of fonts! Do you know any font that you could recommend to the other designers? Write it down in the comments below! ☺️

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