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13 VSCode Extensions That Every Web Developer Should Use

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·Mar 24, 2021·

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13 VSCode Extensions That Every Web Developer Should Use

13 VSCode Extensions That Every Web Developer Should Use

These are the most common extensions at VSCode that may be useful for you

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Almost every Web-Developer knows what VSCode is and why is it so important to use its extensions, they help us to debug our code, make it more readable and prettier, and just add more useful features to our workspace

Of course, there’s not every useful extension, however, I have added 13 extensions without which I just can’t live

1. Auto Close Tag

It’s one of the most important extensions, As you may have noticed from the title, it automatically adds a close tag that you wanted to write. You don’t need any command to activate this extension

Auto Close TagAuto Close Tag

2. Auto Rename tag

When you want to change your tag to you just will need to change the first(opening) tag and the second will change automatically

Auto Rename tagAuto Rename tag

3. Beautify

The function of it is straightforward— when you have an ugly file without any “spaces” and “tabs”, where every tag goes right after earlier, beautify will really help you

  • To use this extension you first need to press F1

  • Then write “Beautify” and choose it

It will automatically make your code more readable and prettier

4. Bracket Pair Colorizer

It gives every pair of brackets its own color and you can find the right pair quickly and easily

Bracket Pair ColorizerBracket Pair Colorizer

5. ESLint

ESLint statically analyzes your code to quickly find problems and also can automatically fix them. When it defines a problem it will have a red underscore and you can easily fix it yourself


6. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets

My favorite extension for JavaScript. When you write something at your code and forget how calls function it will automatically offer you to write it down and you can just press Enter

JavaScript (ES6) code snippetsJavaScript (ES6) code snippets

7. Kite

Kite does almost the same thing as “JavaScript (ES6) code snippets”. It has neural networks that help you to code faster


8. Live Server

When you write your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript file you can press “Go Live” at the bottom of your VSCode window and it will automatically add your changes on a webpage without any reloads and etc.

Live ServerLive Server

9. Material Icon Theme

Material Icon Theme adds icons to your files and folders at the top of your VSCode window and you can much easily move among them

Material Icon ThemeMaterial Icon Theme

10. One dark pro

One more extension that will make your VSCode workspace more comfortable and handsome. It changes your standard theme to incredible new

One dark proOne dark pro

11. Open In Browser

It’s an elementary extension that allows us to open our files right through the browser

Open In BrowserOpen In Browser

12. Path Intellisense

When we need to write a path at our “href” or “src” tags it will provide your a path to an already existing file

Path IntellisensePath Intellisense

13. Settings Sync

The latest extension is actually the most important. It syncs your setting at VSCode to your account(Google, Github, etc.) and if you delete VSCode itself nothing terrible will happen

Setting SyncSetting Sync


I used and use nowadays these extensions for Web-Development and not only. I hope that you enjoyed this article and that these extensions were useful for you

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